Monday, April 9, 2012

Double, Snaffle... Wire?

First of all, Happy Easter everyone!

I classic horseperson fashion, I spent my Easter Sunday... at a horse show. Namely, at IHSA Zones (the last step before Nationals for the hunt seat Equestrian Team riders) right at the Stanford Red Barn. I wasn't riding but got to take lots of photos that I'll post later in the week.

But the real excitement for me was after the show was over. High on life after a massive lunch from Chairman Bao and the Stanford Equestrian Team dominating the team competition and clinching a trip to the National finals, we pulled out a few of the Western horses for the English riders try Western on, with extremely hilarious results.

Meanwhile, I grabbed Ringo for a nice casual bareback ride to unwind after a long and exhausting weekend, and decided to go one step further and not only go saddle-free, but bridle-free as well! I have been safekeeping my friend's neck wire for the past few years but have never used it (but have always wanted to!), so decided after warming Ringo up in his snaffle to give it a go.

(he looks so happy!)

He was awesome!! We had a few turning and stopping 'situations' at the beginning, especially to the left (which is our tougher direction no matter what), but we quickly got a groove going. We walk, trotted, and cantered in both directions, and he was such a champ. Now Ringo can go with two bits, one bit, and no bit at all =)

Man, what an awesome horse. I'm a lucky girl!

The next week will be busy preparing for our first real dressage show of the season. Ringo has been feeling amazing recently, so I'm just trying to put some polish on without overfacing or souring him. Fingers crossed!


Dom said...

Very cool! Nice riding.

Checkmark115 said...

that looks like fun :D

jenj said...

I've done this a couple of times with my Paint, but I use an old stirrup leather instead.

Interestingly, I noticed that he was much more relaxed with just the neck part, even though I ride him in a bitless sidepull. It's like he feels trapped or uncomfortable with any pressure on his face (he only ever rode with the lightest possible contact, even when we were eventing). Did you notice anything like that with Ringo?

The Fullers said...

How fun! You two look happy, relaxed and awesome! :)

Ruffles said...

Well done :) You both look so happy and relaxed.

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