Sunday, May 13, 2012

I Can't Remember all the Times I Try to Tell Myself... hold onto these moments while they last.

With only five weeks until graduation (how on earth is that real???), I've been dealing with some mega Stanford nostalgia and have been trying to fit as much as possible into each of these last few days I have left.

So, today I got to sleep in (this is actually an exciting thing, as when will I ever get a chance to do it again??), go on a run with my friend around one of the most scenic parts of campus, chill outside in the suspiciously perfect weather and do work...

...and do this!

Yes!! Ringo and I jumped!! For the first time since he was injured almost two years ago! At the end of last summer the vet cleared him for light jumping (just never eventing again, due to the rigors of galloping over uneven terrain), but I pretty much ignored it as I was having so much fun with him in the dressage.

Today we were doing more of our relaxed tootling around bareback in the hackamore, and there was a promising looking pile of poles between a pair of standards in the main arena. We trotted over it a few times and he was excellent... then I decided to make it a little X. And he was so good!! We trotted it a few times, then picked up the canter and did a few times more. Ringo was absolutely wonderful and jumped it right out of stride every time. He was PUMPED and clearly very happy with himself. What a dude.

So, while I am still struggling with the realization that my time at this unbelievably amazing place is swiftly coming to a close, I am deeply comforted by days like today, which can only be described as AWESOME.

(Yet another gorgeous Red Barn sunset)

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Diligent Horse said...

Ringo looks so proud and distinguished here!

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