Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Photos From Nationals

Here are a few photos my Pa took at Nationals. He was primarily on video duty so they are somewhat limited, but I'm holding out for the professional photographer to hopefully have captured some shots that mask how tired/floppy I looked. In the meantime...

 (The awesome decorated water bottle that my teammates made for me before I left and which was a total lifesaver in my sicky state)

 (Dancing it out before my ride - an IDA tradition)

 (Preparing to mount Maestro, my horse for the weekend, with coach Rachel at my side)

 (Warming up Maestro - he was so awesome!!)

 (Heading down to the ring - in IDA, after your 10 minute warmup is over you are not even allowed to hold contact, so I got a niiiiice pony ride from my horse holder, haha)

 (Phew! Done! Good boy, Maestro!!!)

(Rachel and I posing together with my GIANT 7th place ribbon - what you don't see is that it is legit over 3 feet long and by far the biggest ribbon I've ever won, EVER - serious perks to IDA!!)

(Posing with my Tie Die Nationals T shirt, which has a bit of a funny history behind it - when my two friends and I founded the dressage team sophomore year, one of them had the ingenious idea of calling the team "Leland Stanford Dressage" (Leland Stanford Jr being the person Stanford is named after), which would, of course, make our team initials be... LSD. LSD was first tested at Stanford (little known fun fact), so why not, right?? We had visions (pun intended, haha) of tie-die polo shirts and logowear, but unfortunately the athletic department didn't find our idea nearly as humorous as we did and requested we change it. So, this shirt was an homage to the founding of the dressage team - we got our tie die at last!!!)

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