Sunday, June 24, 2012

Catching Up

So... a lot has happened since I last posted! First, this happened:

Then, the very next morning, this happened:

So that, the very next morning, this could happen:

And then, on Friday, the most exciting thing of all happened (!!!):

So here I am now in my new home in Virginia as a freshly-minted college graduate, one week into my new job, and enjoying the beautiful scenery in the company of my best partner in crime. It's tough to complain =)

(Not too shabby)

I'm currently keeping Ringo at a GORGEOUS and super swanky farm that a friend of mine manages while I'm waiting for the stall at the farm I'm going to permanently move to open up. Ringo and I have definitely been enjoying going out for long hacks on beautiful, wooded trails again--something that was NOT on the docket while in California. I had my first real flat on him today as well, and was delighted to have him feel pretty darn good for having had pretty much the past two weeks off between graduation and moving.

(The view from the Locochee indoor: heaven)

I'm not sure how much competing I'm going to get to do this summer, but I'm still rabid to get that last score for my bronze medal. The plan, then, is to hopefully settle in for the next few weeks, find some good instruction (which in this area, I seriously hope should not be too difficult!), and get out to at least one show by the time summer is out. We'll see!

 (yeah, pretty mediocre I guess...)

I'm just very happy to be reunited with Ray. The first week was definitely a bit overwhelming between leaving Stanford and getting tossed out into something that feels a lot closer to 'the real world' than I've ever experienced before (not that that's saying much.. I'll freely admit that I've lived a pretty sheltered life). Not having a horse to ride on top of everything else, especially after eight hours of horse-related work every day, was torture! So I'm very, very excited to have Ray here to have some adventures with =)


Alighieri said...

Wow, congrats! I'm moving to Middleburg too in about a month, and I can't wait! Your pictures just make me really jealous I'm not there already.

Katherine Erickson said...

That's too funny, I was just reading the thread you started on COTH about moving to Middleburg - you will love it!! It's the most unbelievably horsey place I've ever been by a long shot. Do you know yet where you're going to be keeping your horse?

Alessandra said...

Congrats Kate for your graduation!

Ruffles said...

Congrats on graduating! Looks like a very nice place, and it sounds like your having a great time.

Alighieri said...

No, I don't know yet, but I have lots of time to figure it out as he won't be joining me until January or February. He's on vacation in KY right now. I actually was leaning towards Locochee Farm, as it has all the amenities that I want, but I thought if I could find another smaller farm in the area with everything as well, I would do that. So we'll see, I have lots of time to figure it out.

Amanda said...

I'm so glad you're here!!! You know, there might be a little heart break when Ray leaves later in the week...he already has a fan club!

Teener Thoroughbreds said...

I love Middleburg, lived there for a year. And yes, very horsey!

You MUST go on a hunt, or at least go hill topping. If you want to get out for some social time, there is Twilight Polo on Friday nights at Great Meadows this time of year, so much fun! I suggest market Salamander and also Mallow Out. Annie’s is great for ice cream!

I miss it so much! There is no place like it for a horse lover!

Alessandra said...

I was looking at the facebook page of the Chronicle when i clicked on the Michael Pollard news was written 'by Kate Erickson'!!!!

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