Monday, July 2, 2012

To Sweat or Not to Sweat?

In the past weekend, I've finally gotten to experience the mid-atlantic heat and humidity that I'd been bracing myself for since arriving in Virginia. Holy crap, it can get really really hot and muggy here!! Fortunately my roommate and I were not among the 2.5 MILLION Virginians that lost power over the weekend due to the storm, and so we were able to spend a lot of time lying low in the cool of the A/C. As someone who has grown up my entire life without air conditioning this felt a little wrong, but in a deliciously comfortable way. On Sunday I did spend five and a half hours driving around the Virginia countryside without air conditioning (because I am the cheapest/poorest and didn't want to hurt my gas mileage... no shame) taking photographs, so I did get to remember what summers usually feel like for me: sweaty.

Going forward, the 9-5 nature of my job gives me two basic options for riding: at 7am in the relative cool, or at 5:30 in the most definitely NOT cool. At first glance it seems like the morning option is the obvious one, especially since I'm a pretty good morning person and certainly don't mind waking up early for the things I love.

There are, however, three massive downsides to that plan: first, from a straight up vanity perspective, I would have to switch my routine to morning showering and go into work regularly with wet hair, as I don't own a blow dryer; second, I tend to get verrrrrrry sleepy about an hour after I ride, and since I already tend to get verrrrrrry sleepy at some point during my day at work no matter what, the combined tiredness could be an unwitting source of torture; and third, if I rode in the morning, I'd have nothing to look forward to all day besides sitting on the couch, where in the past week riding has been the big thing that motivated me through some slower hours at work.

So, I've chosen to sweat. Fortunately Ringo is almost as good a sweater as I am (like all Ericksons, I can really, really turn it on), and we're not doing too hard of work at the moment, so I'm not worried about him overheating. Obviously I'll play it by ear and if it's too hot we can reassess, but I feel good about the decision at the moment. Bring on the heat!

(Cows on Hibbs Bridge Road trying to escape the heat in the creek)


Chelsea said...

Welcome, welcome :)How is your big grey mare doing?

Dragon said...

I have been contemplating the same issue...I have no option of going to the barn early, work at 8 am 40 minutes away from my house. Its suppose to be 95 all week...but I really want to ride!

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