Friday, August 3, 2012

Bye Bye For Now, Middleburg

In a rather sudden turn of events that I won't go into here, I've come home to the farm in Massachusetts for the month of August. I'm going to miss Middleburg a lot; I've never been to a horsier place in my entire life (and am not sure one exists!). I loved my little house, loved the farm Ringo was living at, and loved the people I worked with at the Chronicle. Oh well. On to the next adventure!

Here are a few photos from my last weeks in the village. As you can see, it's a pretty shabby place... ;)

 (Out hacking on a sultry Virginia afternoon)

 (Playing some bocce with the Chronicle staff)

 (Ray enjoying his giant pasture, that he had all to himself)

 (Sweaty Ray after a 100ยบ afternoon ride in the indoor)

 (An awesome Horse Park sunrise while covering Young Riders)

 (Me with Bruce, enjoying my first ever official Chronicle assignment!)

 (Braving some rain to shoot Young Rider dressage down in the main Rolex arena! So cool!)

 (Freestyle night at Young Riders)

 (Sunrise on our last morning at Young Riders - the Horse Park is so beautiful)

 (umm... it got toasty in Middleburg from time to time)

 (Ringo looking fly and ready to go)

 (Our last hack - so purdy!!!)

 (Leslie and her awesome new pony, Orlando, who is mega mega fancy)

 (One of the barn's new kitties, Velcro)

 (Velcro and Zipper facing off over some twine)

(Olympic fever was alive and well at our house on Jay St)

I'm off to Millbrook, NY, for a whirlwind day trip tomorrow to get some photos and coverage of the horse trial there for the Chronicle, then will have a brief week to get settled in before leaving for my first dressage show with Ringo since May!!! I'm a little apprehensive (I'd really rather not repeat the '4' on rider of the last experience... sigh), but am excited to get out showing again. I'll be going up to northern Vermont to a venue I've heard good things about, but have never been to before. We've got two shots for that last bronze medal score. Fingers crossed!


Niamh said...

I was thinking about you today and wondering why you had been so quiet! I hope everything is okay and I can't wait to hear about the next part of your journey! xo

Dragon said...

Hope that everything turns out for the best, and good luck at your dressage show. I have my first one two years next weekend!

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