Sunday, August 5, 2012

Milbrook Sojourn

I took an epic day trip to Millbrook, NY yesterday to watch the Advanced and take some photos for an article for the Chronicle. It was an exhausting day but a really fun one; Millbrook is my favorite event of all time and, as always, it absolutely gorgeous and the course looked like a blast to ride.

On the flipside, I was pretty unhappy with how I shot the day. I had a lot of misses and a lot of pretty meh photographs, and I'm not sure why. Was I rusty? Tired? Fried from a 3.5 hour trip getting there? Probably a combo of all of the above, but the end result was that I'm pretty nervous, as I don't have a huge number of good pictures to choose from for my article. D'oh! It was a good lesson in being sharp and adequately rested for next time.

Here are some of the ok shots I got:

 (Emily Van Gemeren and Berkley in the Intermediate)

 (Cute pony in the Young Rider intermediate)

 (Lisa Barry flies the big table in the Advanced)

 (Colleen Rutledge and Shiraz cutting a beautiful picture against the rolling Dutchess County hills)

 (My friend Caitlin on her way to a clear round in her first advanced!!)

 (Megan O'Donaghue looks pleased with Pirate)

(Pony Power!! This horse is a half-brother by sire to Ky and goes Advanced - speaks well to the little dude's athletic potential!)

I'm getting pumped, because on Tuesday I'll have my first lesson since early June!! I think Ringo's been going well, but I can't wait to get some professional feedback again. 


Dom said...

What a gorgeous course. Wow.

Niamh said...

These looks great! Everyone has rough days shooting -- take it from me, some days you look down and realize that you had your camera set to S instead of A or you set it to manual and your brain checked out and everything is under/over. Love, love the pony! Excited to hear about your lesson (as always) but how are Ky and Kiki doing?

Suzanne said...

Shame I missed you! I went up to watch Caitlin Calder and Eliza Farren do their first Advanced too. I'm going to do an article for Area 1 on their move up to the big time... was your Caitlin from Area 1? I'll interview her too.

Katherine Erickson said...

Dom, it truly is! It's one of the most gorgeous places I've ever been in my life.

Niamh, they're great! I just rode Kiki and am getting on Ky in a few. They'll be getting update posts shortly.

Suzanne, that's a total bummer we missed each other! I didn't know you were heading out. Yes, Caitlin Romeo is from Area I (VT) and is a rider at Denny Emerson's - I'm sure she would love to be interviewed. She was (understandably) thrilled! I also have a picture of Eliza that I could send you if you are interested.

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