Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Time Is Running On

Well I've written just one post since I've arrived in California, and it's already almost time to go again. I've had a good time in California, though it's been more bittersweet than I had expected it to be. It's been really hard to see so many people and have to answer the inevitable "what are you up to these days?" question with the same awkward song and dance of, "not sure, finding things out, etc." It's made me feel more scattered than ever.

The big upside of the trip has been getting to get a lot more riding in than I would have originally let myself hope. I got to ride at least one horse a day nearly every day for the first two weeks--definite score! I was so thankful to the Red Barn for giving me such wonderful horses to play with, especially my bud Freddy, who I really grew to love over our two weeks together. He just came out and improved every day: you can't ask for more than that.

On the last day, my friend Patrick came out and took some photos of me riding Freddy for me. Thank you, Patrick! Look at what a cutie Freddy is (I think he wants to be a dressage horse!!):

(Me and Fred: what a handsome dude)



 (VERY happy, haha! This was right after a great flying change)

 (Lookin' supah pro; I also like my position here a lot, though those thumbs could definitely be more on top! Bad, bad, bad habit!)

 (Umm... I am not straight. At all. Whoops. Got to try to get that left side collapse under control!)

(GOING BIG! I was most proud of the way Freddy's medium gaits really started to emerge by the end of our time together, where when I first sat on him he was so behind the leg that he wouldn't even offer a nice working trot, let alone a nice medium one!)

(Thanks for a great two weeks, Freddo!)

 (Gettin' sassy in the wash stall)

(Handsome Hambone)


Hillary H. said...

Freddy is cute, cute, cute! Glad you had a nice trip!

Alia said...

I love that picture of you and Freddy in your banner. Good job Patrick! It was nice to see you around the barn again (you may or may not remember me, I ride with Rachel sometimes, we met like ONCE. but I do follow your stories!)

Niamh said...

His canter is to die for! Also he looks like a blast to ride. So fun to see what can happen in just a few weeks! ps. I knew you'd be riding!

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