Thursday, October 25, 2012

Last Erickson Horse Show of the Year

Well, the days are getting shorter, the year is winding down, and now it's official: the Black Brook Farm show season is complete for the year. I'd originally planned to go to one last schooling show with Ky in November, but the only one I could find that seemed to fit my needs was the same weekend as my brother's wedding (pesky little detail, that). So I guess we're done for 2012--it was a short season (I did only go to two 'real' non-IDA shows, after all), but a good one.

(Me congratulating my mom after a great XC round - all these photos are courtesy of our friend Heidi from Sundog Pet Photography, who was visiting from Kansas)

And it certainly ended on a good note, as the last Erickson outing of the year was two weeks ago, when my mom took her Haflinger pony to their first show together ever at the Groton Pony Club Three Phase. I served as her coach, and definitely admit to getting more than a few butterflies watching them go! I'll never chide my parents for being nervous when I ride ever again, haha.

(Me looking a little grim as we loaded Audge onto the trailer)

Well my mom put those fears to rest, riding beautifully, safely, and putting in an accurate dressage test followed by two flawless jumping rounds. And... They won, too! They scored a 27.5 in the dressage (the best Erickson score of the year!) and led wire-to-wire. Good job, Mom! My mother is such an inspiration: she's incredibly dedicated to her extremely demanding career, and yet still finds time to be a wonderful parent and do the things she loves.

 (The Erickson crew)


Her support is what has made my dream of being able to ride a reality, and so it was so wonderful to get to see her getting a weekend of 'horsey limelight' to herself. She definitely brought the Erickson show season to an end with a bang! Hopefully a good omen for the 2013 season to come... :)

(Me in serious coach mode, getting ready to send Ma in for her stadium round. I think I look the part, right?)


Niamh said...

The pony cuteness! It's too much! I love this series of photos, it's such a special memory for you and your Mom! I love her face on XC! Okay, I'm done with the exclamation points.

L.Williams said...

Your mom looks so cute on that adorable Haflinger!!

What does your mom do?

Lisa said...

How awesome!! Well done Mum!! That pony is just adorable! Any video of the dressage? I would love to see.

Hillary H. said...

I Love the second to last picture. Pure happiness! Congrats to your mom.

Amy said...

I want to see dressage footage too! My daughter rides a near identical haffie, love those cute agreeable ponies!

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