Monday, November 5, 2012

And Then They Were Wed

About two years ago, my brother left his erstwhile home in Brooklyn, where he had been working as a gaffer and cinematographer since his graduation from film school some years previously, to move home to the farm with his girlfriend in order to try their hand at organic farming and animal husbandry. At the time, I must admit that I found the move utterly mystifying: my brother had always been the ultimate city mouse to my country mouse, and had never, as far as I could tell, given a lick of interest about the goings on at the farm. However, he and his girlfriend took to their task with hard work, dedication, and love, and have led a happy life here.

This past weekend, they celebrated their second harvest (and for the moment, their last, as they have decided to move back to the city in the new year) in grand style: by getting married on the farm in a massive ceremony that made the most of the wonderful organic produce and land that they've spent the last two years of their lives cultivating.

I was very honored to be a bridesmaid, which was very fun for me as I don't think I'd normally be cool enough to be allowed within a hundred yards of my brother and his fiancee's friends! It was a pretty unbelievable display of well-dressed and handsome hipsters; I just tried to hang on for the ride.

(One of the horse pastures was converted to the reception area)

 (We converted the round pen to a "beach" area, complete with inflatable palm trees and iced Coronas)

 (Me and the other bridesmaids and bride (and our intrepid flower girl), waiting in the warmth of the greenhouse for the outdoor ceremony to begin)

 (Me and my brother, all cleaned up and de-farmified)

 (My brother and his new wife sharing their first dance)

My major duty, besides providing hours and hours of grunt labor in the days leading up to the festivities, was to bake the wedding cake. When I'd agreed to do this several months ago, I hadn't given it much of a thought. When I assembled the ingredients, however, the gravity of attempting to bake enough cake to feed 200 people suddenly became quite clear:


Fortunately I found a very easy recipe for a pumpkin spice cake (bride's choice) with maple cinnamon frosting, and though it took me a solid hours on the day before the wedding to make it happen, I did it! And I even got word back that it didn't suck (I was too nervous to eat it myself, though now in the 48 hours since I have eaten a LARGE quantity of the leftovers and can, in fact, confirm that it was much to my taste)

 (Three hours in, deep in the trenches)

 (Frosting station)

(The finished products! Note the adorable sheep toppers)

It's a little strange now to have the wedding behind us. For the past month it has been a daily, even hourly topic of conversation. It was the best party I've ever gone to and I'm so, so happy for my brother. I'm quite certain my wedding, when and if it ever occurs, could never live up to it. But for now, it's back to normal, and back to doing some serious riding and thinking towards next season. I may have had to break out the quarter sheet for the first time this season, but I'm still very excited for the months ahead!

(There were also roman candles at 1am and a midnight food truck. It was a Brooklyn-comes-to-the-country wedding done right)


Hillary said...

Very cool! Sounds like you made awesome cake! :)

Niamh said...

What a fun wedding. I love the sheep toppers (we're getting married on a sheep farm next year and I only hope it's half as cool as this!)

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