Friday, December 7, 2012

Looking Forward to 2013

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments on my 2012 wrap-up yesterday. In a year of such big changes such as this one, I'm deeply comforted by the stories and support of people who have been in my shoes and made it through to the other side. Thank you so much for reading!

(Also, in a good tie-in with my post from yesterday, my Bronze Medal lapel pin came in the mail yesterday! It joins the USEA Preliminary Gold Medal that I earned with Ringo in 2009. Thank you, Ringo, for giving me so much pretty hardware!)

Looking ahead, here's what I'm hoping to achieve in 2013:

-Either get a full-time job that I enjoy OR win an artist residency in Berlin for late fall/winter 2013-
-Apply to graduate school (next fall)-
-Continue making pictures-
-Get at least one more exhibition-
-Sell some work-

-Stay sound and have a fun, competitive 2013 season-
-Earn the 4th Level portion of the scores required for the USDF Silver Medal-
-Qualify for Region 8 Championships at 4th Level-
-Move up to Prix St Georges (this is a big stretch, I know!)-

-Also stay sound and have a fun, competitive 2013 season-
-Get back into eventing!-
-Move up to Training by the end of the season-
-Compete in the Saugerties East Coast Pony Cup (Level as yet undecided)-

I'm so thankful for my wonderful horses, coaches, and of course my endlessly supportive parents for the past year, and am excited to see what adventures the next year will bring!


BeBe said...

I wish you the best in achieving your goals for next year!

Lisa said...

Good goals. Now I'm off to write some of my own!

Megs said...

Love the diversity of goals. I think it's great that you are still focusing on and enjoying your photography.

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