Saturday, February 9, 2013

What Blizzard? ...Oh Right. That One.

Yeehaw!! Well, that ended up being quite a storm! Last night's blizzard ended up sneaking in at #5 on the list of all-time biggest storms in the history of New England. From our perspective we did indeed get a LOT of snow, but we kept power and everyone came through just fine. 

My dad and I had a long and busy day clearing snow, but it was also very fun one. We're definitely tired now, though! I've been doing some ab exercises for the past month or so, but I think I earned a pass with all the shoveling I did today. 

It wasn't all work, though: I got a chance to take a break and have a short but UNBELIEVABLY FUN  ride on Ky. We galloped and leapt over drifts that were up to chest high!! Definitely the most snow I can remember riding in in a loooooong time, and totally amazing. I couldn't stop smiling :)

Pa was a champ and took some photos of us again today (thank you!): 

 (Digging out of a big drift - good man, Ky!)

 (Big smiles)

 (There was one big drift up here at the top of the field that Ky jumped every single time - it was at least  chest high!)

 (Can you tell we're having a good time??)

 (Ky was perfect)

 (Yeah, I ended up looking kind of crazy because I was smiling so much. No regrets.)

 (Powering through a big drift!)

 (Pretty carousel pony)

 (Just a little snow)

 (Man, I love this horse)

Here are some pictures from snow clearing in the morning. Pa and I had quite a day!

(It looked a little dubious that the tractor would start...)

 (...but she did!!)

 (Ringo usually goes out at night, but I think he appreciated staying in - not that he avoided the storm altogether, as a giant drift came into the barn!)

 (Diamond, Laurel, and Floxie were literally buried together in a drift when we came out this morning, but seemed pretty unperturbed by the weather)

 (Pa plowing the barnyard)

 (Ky enjoying his hay in knee deep snow)

 (BIG drifts - that's a 4'6" fence!!)

(Ray enjoyed eating snow off his stall door - nut)

 (One of our puppies outside in the snow tunnel I shoveled for them)

 (Overall, this day reminded me of how blessed I am. I'm so thankful for this crazy, happy life)

Stay warm and safe, everyone!


T Myers said...

Love the pics...we had a tonne of snow too..not quite that much but close....I took a nice ride in the drifts also.

It's hard not to enjoy this weather!

AmberRose- Girl With a Dream said...

I love reading this and love the pictures, you can really tell how much fun you guys are having! I'd love to ride in the snow but we hardly get any here, I've seen how bad the snow is for you guys its all over the news here in the uk!!

It's nice to hear that people are making the most out of the weather that you've got

Carly said...

You make me miss real winter weather!!

jenj said...

Glad to hear that everyone came through OK. LOVED the pics, you look like you're having a BLAST! Although I think you may have almost lost Ky there in a couple of drifts...

And your home is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Is it one of the old restored New England ones? If so, I'd love to see a post on it sometime. I love old homes!

Katherine Erickson said...

Thanks, jenj! Yes, our house is a restored 19th century farmhouse, though the interior has had a lot of renovations and so isn't very period accurate anymore. The barn, on the other hand, is pretty much unchanged from its 1891 construction date, apart from modernising the bottom level where the horses live. When everything isn't buried in snow, I'd he happy to pictures and do a virtual tour!

jenj said...

A restored 19th c. farmhouse??? *SWOON*! Pleeeze do a post on it!

Megs said...

Glad you were able to enjoy the weather. I second the virtual tour! I love old architecture.

Megs said...
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TBA said...

Love the pics! Looks like so much fun.

Carrot Top said...

That looks like heaps of fun!

Kelly said...

Dad's a great photographer! Looks like so much fun :)

Kelly said...
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Dom said...


Mikaela Coston said...

Kate, can I share one of these photos on my work Facebook?! People in Oklahoma I bet have never even seen someone ride in snow- never mind 2' of it!

Katherine Erickson said...

Of course!

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