Friday, February 8, 2013

What Blizzard?

We're currently battening down the hatches for the first (and hopefully last) big big snowstorm of the winter, which looks like it's going to get ugly tonight and tomorrow morning. Pretty much everything in Massachusetts shut down this morning, however, when it WASN'T really snowing at all, which meant that my dad and I got the day off and could have a fun and leisurely day on the farm.

I had a ton of fun riding both horses at home and outside for the first time in what feels like forever - the footing is still frozen but the nice layer of fluffy snow that we had as of early this afternoon made it great for flatwork again. Both horses were frisky but super behaved, even when the snow was blowing pretty much directly into our faces. Check out the awesome pictures my Pa got (thanks Pa, for standing out in the snow for me!!):

(what a good boy)


(Now this is fun!)

 (A little strong in the underneck, but looking nice and forward!)

 (Looking better; good man, Ky!)

 (Nice artsy shot)

 (I love this one!! Ky, you so fancayyy)

 (Yeehaw! He was definitely spooking at something in the woods here, haha)


(Duck was a good spectator)

Not gonna lie, I'm super excited for when the storm's over and we can gallop through the drifts!! This is probably the one situation where I'm a total nut for winter: riding in the snow has been one of my favorite activities for as long as I can remember. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of going out with my friends after a big snowstorm on our ponies and having snowball fights on horseback for hours. Even now, there's something about cantering through crisp untrodden snow that is just irresistible and always puts a smile on my face. 

The slogging through the wet and cold and ice that also accompany winter weather events are... not as fun, I'll agree. But from the back of a horse all those grumpy grown up responsibilities have a way of falling by the wayside, if only for an hour or so. From there, it's just me and my horse, and a beautiful, pristine playground for us to enjoy together. 

Happy blizzard! Stay warm and cozy, and remember to have fun :)


Megs said...

I have to agree - there's nothing quite like riding through the untouched snowy countryside.

We got the gist of the 'blizzard' last night/this morning in Ontario. Apart from the wind, the big fluffy flakes have been lovely - not the snowmageddon people predicted.

AmberRose- Girl With a Dream said...

I have never rode in the snow but I have always wanted to ride in the snow! Maybe one day I will get to but who know!

I love the photo's of you guys in the snow they are so artistic and good laughing :)

jenj said...


Y'all stay warm and safe.

Kate said...

Great photos!!! You and your ponies are so photogenic!

T Myers said...

we are getting the blizzard too...just wild here!!

What fun riding in the blizzard...I would have been blown away sadly.

Hoping for nice snow drifts for us both tomorrow!

Sarah said...

I love Ky's fluffy toes! Too cute.

Katherine Erickson said...

Thanks everyone! We had a good time!

AmberRose, if you can ride in the snow... DO IT :)

Stay safe, T Myers! It's definitely getting crazier here too - the wind is crazy right now!

Carrot Top said...

I am loving all the snow pictures I'm seeing on blogs. Everything looks extra picturesque!

Kate said...

You inspired me to go out and ride around in all this new snow :)
Also, looks like a blast and Ky looks awesome!!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing. Hope the storm aftermath isn't too bad. :D

Kelly said...

Oh so pretty! Be safe :)

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