Sunday, February 3, 2013

Winter Gymnastics, Round 8

Phew, it feels good to return to a sense of normalcy! After two weeks of being in a limbo of stress, it's hard to describe how awesome it is to look out the kitchen window and see Dually happily munching hay in our little medical paddock. He seems to be doing well so far, and even though his medicine is a pain, it hasn't proved too difficult to manage so far.

Part of the stress of Dually being away was that, with trying to go visit him at Tufts every day, I ended up not having time to ride at all while he was away. Ringo and Ky both seemed to have come through their impromptu 10 day vacation just fine, though they're both a little wild!

This evening things really felt back to normal, as I got to jump again with Robin for the first time in a few weeks. Ky has been a bit cray-cray in the past few days, so I wanted to do something where he'd be required to think without me having to manage him too much and get into a negative cycle of pulling, and Robin wanted to work on lines. So, we made a canter-in gymnastic with lots of canter poles to get Ky and Kiki thinking quick on their feet, and a line that could be ridden in 4 or 5 strides to practice something closer to course riding.

It ended up working out really well, because we could put together little courses that required both forward and decisive riding down the line (which was a very going 4 or a quiet 5) and then being soft and staying out of the horses' way through the gymnastic. Both Ky and Kiki jumped great!

Here was our first little short course:

Since both Ky and Kiki tackled the first run through the exercises pretty easily, we bumped up the heights a little bit and made a slightly more complex course (which got split into two parts when I was uploading it for some reason, but was actually one continuous effort):

Both the first  and middle time through the gymnastic, Ky rapped the oxer on the way out pretty hard. I realized that I was panicking a little on the way in and goosing him ever so slightly over the canter rails, so that he was a little rushing into the actual jumps. The last time I tried really hard to be quietly supportive, and he jumped out way better.

The other big thing I was proud of myself for was that the red swedish oxer to vertical line off a relatively short right hand turn was pretty much an exact recreation of the situation where Ky and I crashed hard in our Jane lesson a few weeks ago (right down to the color of the jumps!). Coming around to it the first time, I was definitely a little jittery and nervous I was going to repeat my mistakes! So it felt really good to ride positively, put my hands forward, and have him jump beautifully. Good boy, Ky!!

In most exciting news, our first opening date of the year is only a week away!! Ahh!!! It still feels a little surreal that in less than two months we'll be outside galloping and jumping, when there's currently a few inches of snow on the ground... but I'm excited :)


My Horses Love Eventing said...

I love Ky and Kiki. Ky reminds me of my mare, she's not a Connemara but looks like one. I would totally buy Kiki or lease her, she's also like my mare!

Kate said...

Love watching Ky jump. That pony sure knows how to tuck those knees!

T Myers said...

Glad things are getting back to normal for you. I just love that pony.

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