Monday, April 15, 2013

Backache Blues

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post - I was very thrilled! And I'm sorry for lack of better documentation. Unfortunately Robin and I pretty much rode at the exact same time, making picture-taking impossible. That may end up being the case at the next show I bring Ky too as well... but we'll get pictures of him eventually ;)

Meanwhile, I've been busily (and excitedly!) getting prepped for Ringo's and my first show in eight months this coming Sunday, where we'll be heading back to Mystic for their rated dressage show. In general I've been feeling really good about where we are fitness and polish-wise... until the last few days, when we both seem to have hit a small snag in the back department. Booooo.

Basically what's happened is that Ringo's back has changed shape as he's gotten fitter, meaning that my brand new saddle doesn't fit him as well as it did when I bought it. Boo #1. Then, in the struggle to try to nip that not-quite-ideal fit in the bud, I tried a bunch of different pads, some of which I think ultimately pinched him worse than if I'd had nothing on at all. Boo #2. Now, while he's not cringingly, falling to the floor levels of back sore, he's definitely not feeling 100%. Boo #3.

(But dang, isn't he looking handsome)

To add insult to injury, I slept on my shoulder funny a good five days ago now, and have been in constant, aching back and shoulder pain ever since. I'm pretty sensitive to tweaks and cricks that, because of my previous injuries and general misalignment, tend to spiral and fester for a long time instead of resolving naturally, so I can't say I'm really surprised... but it's a pain. Both figuratively and literally. So, boo #4.

So for the next week, both Ringo and I are on the back treatment plan. Ringo is getting handwalking, ice, and aggressive blanketing (to try to keep his back warm in between work outs and ice), and I'm getting a twice daily date with a foam roller and a lot of yoga and stretching exercises (and a good dose of pain killers). Fingers crossed that we can both be feeling better by the weekend!


L.Williams said...

Hope you two get better soon!

SheMovedtoTexas said...

Boo on all accounts. Hope you can figure out a way to make the saddle work and your shoulder improves!

Megs said...

Wishing you two speedy recoveries. Thank goodness for foam rollers!

Karley said...

Hope you both feel better soon! Sounds like you both need a massage! :)

Carrot Top said...


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