Thursday, August 1, 2013

Some Candid Pictures from Puckerbrush

First off, thank you SO MUCH for all your amazing comments on my last post!! I'm still on cloud 9 from last weekend and your wonderful words of support made the whole experience that much more special.

I've been enjoying a nice quiet post-Silver Medal week, getting in one more week on the farm before I leave for a week of vacation - wahoo! The ponies are all doing great and I think will enjoy a little downtime as well.

Here are a few more pictures from Puckerbrush--not quite as fancy as the last ones! But hopefully enjoyable in their way :)

 (Food options near the show were low, so we ended up eating at the truck stop near our hotel both nights we were there - the food was actually good, but the portions were... epic. And the waitresses judged us when we didn't finish! Also, note the semi coming out of the wall behind Pa.)

 (Me chillin at the truck stop)

 (My pre-show outfit - dang. Just the classiest.)

 (Pa and Ray absorbing the news that we got our last silver medal score: so. much. relief.)

And here's what we've been up to in the post-Silver haze:

 (The head coach of the Stanford Equestrian Team (and fellow Bay State native) stopped by the farm yesterday to visit with Ringo, the newly-minted celebrity)

(After getting me totally addicted to the Tour de France this summer, Pa finally got me out for a ride on a real road bike a few days ago -- my first time EVER on a bike with gears! I only learned how to ride a bike in college, and while I grew to love my fat tire fixie 'Cedric,' I've never been the most confident biker. I went prettttty slowly, but had a great time! Maybe a new hobby for horse-less Oxford??)

In bittersweet news, I entered my very last shows of the season: the NEDA Fall Festival (doing the PSG Championship!) with Ringo and GMHA Fall with Ky (going Novice). It's likely that these will be my last two shows for at least two years. I'm not allowing myself to feel (too) sad about it at the moment, but am just looking forward to two more outings with my wonderful horses. 


Me said...

Love the truck stop pics! Sad to think we won't be reading about your pony adventures much longer but I'm super excited to read about your next chapter.

I'm forewarning you - someday I'm going to come visit you (not to freak you out or anything). You have the most wonderful adventures and I would love to hear about them in the flesh.

L.Williams said...

So cute she got to visit. Also that sandwich your dad has is epic!

Niamh said...

Definitely bring your bike to Oxford. After hearing all of your adventures in running land last time you were there, biking will be a nice way to get out and see the countryside with less impact on your body. I used to road bike quite a bit and it's about as close as you'll get to riding in the meantime! ps. Congrats on the silver medal. Ringo looks quite pleased with himself.

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