Monday, September 23, 2013


First off, thank you for all your wonderful comments on my last two posts. I spent a long time this afternoon trying to figure out how to do replies to individual comments and blogger decided to not allow me to do that, so please accept my heartfelt thanks here instead. I'm so lucky to have all of your love and support :)

Anyway, here's a brief update of what's been going on post-NEDA and in the last countdown before THE BIG DEPARTURE. Ringo and I have been doing a lot of:



 (Communing with Kitty)

Ky and his new rider went to their first event together:

And won!! They seemed so happy together; I'm thrilled. 

And last but not least, Kiki has been ticking along, doing stuff like this:

That'll do, Piggy. That'll do.

In other news, one week until D Day!! Getting very nervous, and very excited. Mostly excited. (But a little nervous too.)


L.Williams said...

Sounds like happy "endings" too. or happy new beginnings.

Katherine Erickson said...

Definitely, L Williams :)

Kate said...

Hoping not to sound like a stalker here, but I was in MA for two photoshoots this weekend and drove right past your farm! I was like, oh there it is! The shoots were at Great Brook -- you are SO lucky to live within hacking distance! I love that place.

Katherine Erickson said...

Haha too funny Kate! Great Brook is so amazing - I LOVE having it so close.

Aoife said...

Congratulations on your wonderful results with Ringo & what a lovely way to chill out afterwards. Great news for Ky & Kiki.
I agree 100% with L - full steam ahead with the new beginnings!

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