Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ringo Update

As several of you have pointed out over the past few weeks, there has been a conspicuous silence on one particular topic on this blog over the past few weeks. 

What, you might be wondering, has happened to Ringo?

Well, I will be honest. The reason there has been silence is that I haven't wanted to write about it until everything was happily resolved. Things are not yet resolved, though, so I guess I should just write anyway.

Ringo is for sale.

The decision came as the result of some of the most difficult soul-searching I've ever had to do in relationship to my horses and my riding. I've always been so spoiled that I've been able to maintain ownership of my horses, either by leasing them out or by letting them retire at home. However, as I transition into adulthood, I realized that I needed to be more grown up about my strategy. So I made the decision to sell.

It's been really hard for me to think about. I really would love for him to sell quickly, so that the giant hole in my heart that is not having him in my life anymore can get a chance to try to heal. Now, with him for-sale-but-not-yet-sold, the hole just gets bigger and deeper day by day.

Dear readers, if you or anyone you know would be interested, please let me (or more accurately, my trainer, as she is in charge of his sale now that I'm in England) know!! I would be so unbelievably eternally thankful to you and would bury you in good karma (and cookies too, if you wanted them, no joke).

NAME: Ringmoylan ("Ringo")
SEX: Gelding
COLOR: Pinto (Black/White)
HEIGHT: 16.2hh
DOB: 1997
CONTACT: Kim Litwinczak, (978) 413-9094,
ASKING: $35,000 (neg. to good home)

Ringo is rare athlete, having achieved nationally-recognized success both as an upper-level eventer and FEI dressage horse. He took his adult amateur rider from 1st Level to Prix St Georges in under 2 years, earning the scores for her USDF Bronze and Silver medals and winning regional and national year-end awards at every level along the way. Most recently, he was named the 2013 All-Breed Award reserve national champion at Prix St Georges for the Performance Horse Registry. He is extremely sound and low maintenance. More importantly, he is a kind and gentle horse who loves people and having a job. He is currently confirmed through his 2-time changes and is schooling piaffe and passage, and could easily continue up the levels with the right rider in 2014.

Ringo can be seen at Stone Fox Farm in Stow, Mass. Please contact Kim Litwinczak at (978) 413-9094 or for more information.

Ringo winning at PSG (64.5%) earlier this summer:


Me said...

:( Being a grown up really sucks sometimes.

SprinklerBandit said...

Sucks being a grownup. I'm sure he'll find a great home.

Nicku said...

Oh I had to do something similar right after grad school. Being a grown up sucks sometimes but way to go in doing what sounds like the right thing at this time. The beauty of riding is, the horses that made a big impression never leave your heart and there will be another special one to pour yourself into down the road. Putting yourself in a position to be able to afford horses by getting your education and career going will serve your passion for horses so well longer term (speaking from experience here since I think I'm a few years older, haha).

Kate said...

I applaud this decision, though I know it must have been hard to make. He would be bored waiting for you to come back and he's in his prime as a dressage horse - someone will be very lucky to have him. Hopefully when you come back to the US, or wherever you end up, you can use some of the sale profits to buy a nice prospect that you wouldn't have been able to train quite as well without the education Ringo provided you :) So in a way, things will come full-circle.

Karen said...

Someone will be really lucky to have him!

L.Williams said...

*big hugs* It's not an easy decisions.

T Myers said...

I hate being a grown up sometimes. Good luck on the sale.

SameSid said...

Ugh, I just did this, for the same reasons, so I feel your pain. Mine sold really quickly and easily, so I hope yours does too!

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