Sunday, November 24, 2013

Playing Catch Up: Ma Comes to Visit

So looking back at the thing's I've been remiss on posting about over the last three weeks, and one of the biggies that stands out is that my wonderful mother came out to visit for a week around Veterans' Day. She actually came out to the UK on business, but made a detour up to Oxford for a weekend so I got to feel like I had her all to myself :)

We had a great time sightseeing 'the Erickson way,' which is very, very low on actual sightseeing and very, very high on eating! Seriously, I spent like 4 hours each night agonizing about researching where we were going to eat the next day (upshot? I now of an extensive list of short listers that we didn't end up going to this time around but that I want to try out in the future - if my waistband and wallet will let me!).

I did drag her out to watch me row one afternoon, which she was a very good sport about despite the fact that it was 40 degrees and raining. Which means that I now have a few pictures of me actually in a boat! We didn't do much terribly exciting, but it was really fun to show Ma my new athletic time sink.

 (Lookin... chilly. I'm in the hat.)

 (Clearly looking really organized and on task...)

Other than that, it truly was a tour de food, as we hit up a lovely Italian restaurant in Jericho on Saturday night, experienced the majesty/insanity that is Sunday Roast in Britain on Sunday afternoon, and then followed that up with Pembroke formal hall at the high table on Sunday night. I was so full by the end of the weekend that I thought my stomach might actually burst out of my stomach. Truly one of my favorite feelings.

 (Checking out some risotto at Branca, the Italian restaurant we went to in Jericho - highly recommended!)

 (Taking a walk along the Isis en route to Sunday Roast)

 (Somewhat overwhelmed by the portions going on - I feel like Sunday Roast is one of those things that, if it were an American tradition, it would be one of the many things used by foreigners to mock us and our crappy eating habits - how do the Brits get away with it??! It's literally an orgy of food. A delicious, delicious orgy. We went to The Punter which, while being a little out of the way, had a great relaxed vibe (complete with dogs wandering around!), and the food was plentiful and delicious.)

 (Looking very scholarly at High Table for formal hall! If only the food could have lived up to the setting...)

Then on Monday I had the extra treat of accompanying my mom into London to a super swanky black tie dinner to be there as she was awarded a very big deal award for her line of work. My mother has always been so supportive of me, and especially of my riding, over the years, for which I'm so, so thankful. So it was really exciting to get to be there to support her in that moment. Plus, it was fun to dress up! Not like I get any opportunities to do that Oxford... (actual real life admission: I AM becoming a black tie-addict; gahh it's just so fun and everyone ends up looking so good!! Why don't more functions in America follow this dress code??!)

(There was also, obviously, a lot of gratuitous eating)

(We clean up pretty good, right?!)

(The gala - so fancy!!)

(Super pumped for my actually decent set course vegetarian meal - one of the first good ones I've had in Britain so far)

It was a bit of a reality check to get back to work on Tuesday morning after a weekend of such non-studious activities, but thoroughly worth it - though perhaps my professors may not have agreed!


SprinklerBandit said...

The settings are just to die for. Wow. I think I could justify dressing up if the place I was going to actually looked amazing to.

Until then, blue jeans for me. ;-)

T Myers said...

It's so true....when I lived in Scotland I was so weirded out by the countless fancy parties...always formal, so many invites for all kinds of celebrations. Now I wish we did that in Canada!

Enjoy them while you are there!

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