Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pembroke MCR Elections: Dolla Dolla Bills, Y'All

ALSO BEFORE I START: I just realized I'm very close to my 500th post, and to celebrate over 5 years of craziness on this blog, I've decided to do my very first GIVEAWAY!! Stay posted for details over the next few posts leading up to the big 5-0-0 :)


Probably the thing I've enjoyed more about Oxford than anything else so far has been the community of the Pembroke MCR (the 'Middle Common Room' - the fancy Oxford word for both the graduate community as a whole and the physical hang out room/bar that we have in college).

 (Pembroke MCR members at our termly banquet a few weeks ago - so classy!)

Different college MCRs have different reputations based on their size and snootiness (there is one super posh college who may or may not be our neighbors to the east, *coughChristChurchcough*, who apparently have silver snuff boxes stamped with their MCR's very own crest in their oak-paneled common room, which is just... ridiculous on so many levels as to be barely conceivable). I think Pembroke's is perfect: we are a good enough size to have a lot of people turn up at various events, but not so big that you don't feel like you know everyone at least by face. We host a LOT of weekly events and are very active as MCRs go. So far, easily my closest friends and most active social activities have come through the Pembroke MCR community.

(Me and some Pembroke friends, looking sharp at banquet!)

So, when the MCR committee's annual elections came around this fall, I was surprised but tickled to be asked to run for a position by our outgoing president. Our current treasurer was going to be stepping down after over 2 years on the job, and as the president pitched it to me, 'it's a job with a lot of work and not a lot of perks'... so with that sexy sell, I was obviously in, haha.

We had a brief, pretty informal election cycle (everyone was running unopposed, so the competitive fire was pretty low), where I received some flak about not spelling 'checks' as 'cheques' on my campaign poster, but was forgiven thanks to my "amazing" photoshop skills:

(Yeah, those are money bags I grafted onto my hands. Such skills, I can't even.)

I've now had the official changeover (though I'm still waiting for my official MCR chequebook (see what I did there; I'm learning!)) and while it is indeed a lot of work ahead--and a lot of writing out reimbursement cheques for like £8 each--I'm really excited to get more involved with my new Oxford family at Pembroke. Bring on the cash monies!

 (Everyone's posters; clearly me and that one other girl missed the memo on which panel we should cluster onto)


Carly said...

Clearly your campaign motto should have been "Respect big pimpin'". Those photoshop skills are mind blowing.

L.Williams said...

You guys are just so g-d fancy I can't even! :D

Katherine Erickson said...

Haha it's all a ruse to cover the fact that none of us know what we're doing, I swear.

antiphonus said...

I think that's supposed to be 'chequebooque'...

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