Saturday, January 18, 2014

Weekend Throwback: Merton Ball

Last term finished up in such a mad rush that I didn't get a chance to write about everything that I was hoping to get to. A lot of those topics seem like a bit of a moot point now, but a few stick out as simply too ridiculous not to mention, even two months after the fact.

Case in point: the Merton Winter Ball. Aka the white tie dress code formal ball that I went to in November. There were people in tail coats. and top hats. and canes. CANES. I'd been to a black tie ball when I studied abroad here in 2011, but there was something about white tie that just jumped it up to the next level of insanity.

 (just some ball goers casually strolling down magpie lane. What.)

 (Inside the Merton hall, where they had delicious chips and cupcakes)

 (The grounds looking very festive, albeit freezing!)

The way these balls work is that you pay a (rather absurd) entry fee, get a wristband, and once you're in everything is free. EVERYTHING. And it lasts for eight hours, from 8pm to 4am. So it's basically an entire working day of open buffet, open bar, and an open dance floor. It's epic.

 (Some pictures of the Pembroke ladies (and one brave man) lookin real fine)

Compared to the last ball I went to, the Merton ball was a little light on fun entertainment, but massively superior in terms of quality of food and drink provided, not to mention the live music which was, in my opinion, insanely good. I hit the dance floor around 10pm and never looked back until they literally kicked us off at 4am. I had an absolute topper of an evening.

(Crystal Fighters, one of the live acts that I'm now kinda sorta obsessed with)

 (Gettin' down with my friend's bow tie as an impromptu headband, looking VERY SWEATY but oh well)

 (Like, aggressively down)

(The three Pembrokians who made it all the way to 4am - survivors!)

 (And of course, we topped the night off with a quick stop in to our local kebab van for some hummus and fries. A classy end to a classy night.)

Oh Oxford. What a ridiculous place. I love you so.


L.Williams said...

I think you mislabeled it should be "Hogwarts Yule Ball" haha :) That looks like an epic amazing time!

Katherine Erickson said...

Oh no man, because the Oxford Harry Potter society definitely threw its own separate Yule Ball a week earlier. THIS PLACE.

Hannah said...

I was going to make the same joke as L. Williams! I'm so glad you're sharing this stuff with us. The "strolling" pic looks straight out of a movei.

TBA said...

Oh my gosh, that sounds and looks like so much fun! ^^And the previous comments, Harry Potter Ball?!

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