Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Another Term in the Books

Yesterday I handed in my last assignment for Hilary Term 2014 (because yes, at Oxford, even the academic quarters have their own funny names from Christian feast days -- fall being 'Michaelmas,' winter 'Hilary,' and spring 'Trinity'). It was the same incongruously formal submission process as time, and with that bureaucratic move I'm now over a quarter of the way done with my Masters. It's scary how quickly the time feels like it's flown by.

(My view for much of the term, ensconced in a stack of books - not that there's much to complain about!)

(The view out the big window at Duke Humfrey's library)

Hilary Term was out of control, in the best and worst possible senses of the phrase. I loved the class I took this term, loved rowing at what felt like every possible hour of the day and night, loved making new friends and getting to know the amazing people in my life even better... but I also felt like I was on the edge of crashing and burning at any given moment. The past two weeks, especially, which were fraught with some additional emotional turmoil from outside sources, felt at times like a herculean test of time and stress management.

(low grade rebellion.)

But... I made it! Now I have a quiet six weeks in and around Oxford to recharge, read some books (for fun! what a concept!), get bored, and get ready to attack Trinity with a vengeance. I'm hoping to do a little traveling and will have the pleasure of hosting my brother and his wife for a week in April, but mainly I'll be just resting at home in Oxford. I'm really looking forward to it, especially since this has been the weather we've been having of late:

I'm swooning.

Now, if I could just find a horse to ride...


L.Williams said...

Lovely and congrats!

Aoife said...

Congrats on getting through another term.
Enjoy the break & rest up!
Love the photos, they are fab!

Kate said...

How exciting! As always, your pictures induce both jealousy and awe.... especially at the lack of snow, which we can't seem to get rid of!!

Elena said...

Beautiful photos! Are you going to Badminton this year? I will be there Friday-Sunday! Also, I will be in Oxford the weekend after I think!!

T Myers said...

Congrats....beautiful pics as always. Enjoy your time off!

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