Friday, August 1, 2014

How Stella Got Her Groove Back

(Just a heads up that this post contains a few mildly NSFW-ish photos of me in a sports bra and lycra shorts.)

So if you read the recap posts of the end of my first year of grad school (here, here, and here), it's pretty clear that in many ways I had a pretty surreal and awesome spring. I got to do a lot of cool stuff, hang out with some crazy people, and get a peak in on a life that was completely unlike anything I'd ever experienced before. 

However, it was also really, really tough. I limped home in early July depressed, injured, and a bit mentally fried. To top everything off, I got dumped approximately 72 hours before I was due to come home for the summer.

So that didn't feel great.

I admit that I did spend around a week in as close to a rom-com, 'crying-while-watching-soppy-movies-and-eating-ice-cream' esqe phase as I've ever gotten--which for me is more along the lines of lying inert and drained in bed all day, watching repeats of British panel comedy shows that I've watched a thousand times before. I wanted to jump up and start enjoying home on the farm right away, but I just couldn't.

(Though fortunately, some things about home just blast you with loveliness so intense that you can't deny it, even when you're feeling awful)

But eventually, I started grooving again. I started going to doctor's appointment after doctor's appointment to get my back and shoulder feeling better. I got glasses, and suddenly could read street signs again while driving--an epiphany!

 (New four eyes!)

I tentatively started going for long walks with my dog, that merged into jogs, that merged into stationary recumbent cycling, that merged into regular stationary cycling and weights. 

(A montage of 'walking with Eloise')

Soon, I'd lost the 10 pounds I'd gained in my post-injury June convalescence and was looking damn fine again, if I do say so myself:

(158 lbs - 151 lbs)

All of a sudden, I went from sort of dreading the start of the school year, with all of the stress and having to see my ex again and blah blah blah, to actually getting really excited again. My back actually feels good! My body actually feels good! I can see! I can think again!


In a lot of ways I've had a pretty boring summer so far, but gosh has it been necessary. I finally feel like I have my old confidence back and am ready for another year in Oxford-land. I have no idea still if I'll be able to row again this fall, but at this point I'm feeling like I'll definitely be well enough to do something, which is fine by me at this point. Bring it on!
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