About Me

A Few Basic Stats:

You Can Call Me: Kate, kerickso

Hometown: Carlisle, MA

Current Location: Oxford, UK

Age: 24

Favorite Color: blood red

Favorite Food: hummus

Lucky Number: 21

Favorite Place to Visit: South Carolina

Favorite Book: "Indian Camp," by Earnest Hemingway

If I could have dinner with any historical figure, it would be: at the moment probably Edward Weston, because he seems like a real chill guy.

If I could have a ride on one horse, it would be: Valegro

Life Dreams: ride around Badminton CCI****, visit all 7 continents and all 50 states (completed in 2012!), publish a book

For me, to be with horses is to be perfectly myself.

If you like this blog, check out my others:

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And I have an Instagram, too! Instagram

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