I spend most of my time these days either sitting in a boat or behind a desk, dreaming about the horses I've had to leave behind. It wasn't always that way, though... Here are some photos of my former, more badass equestrian life:

(Poplar CIC* 2007)

(Poplar CIC* 2007 - one of the best jumps Dually ever produced!!)

(Bromont CCI* 2007)

(Jog ups at NAJYRC CCI* 2007, with Pa watching (in red) in the background)

(GMHA JYOP 2007)

(Poplar CIC* 2008)

(Poplar CIC* 2008)

(Poplar Intermediate 2008 - Dually's and my first Intermediate!)

(Poplar Intermediate 2008)

 (Fair Hill JYOP 2008)

(Galway Downs CCI* w/ Steeplechase 2008)


(Galway Downs CCI* w/ Steeplechase 2008)


(Schooling at Gina Miles' 2009)

(Twin Rivers JYOP 2009)

(Galway Downs Intermediate 2009)

(Galway Downs Intermediate 2009)

(Rebecca Farm Preliminary Three Day 2009)

(Shepherd Ranch Open Prelim 2009)

(Woodside 1.15m Jumpers 2009)

(Twin Rivers JYOP 2009)

(Stanford Invitational Five Bar 2009)

(Galway Downs Preliminary Rider 2009)

(The Dude)

(Woodside Novice 2010 - Kiki's first Novice!)

(Millbrook Novice 2010)

(Huntington Training 2010)

 (Intercollegiate polo 2010)

 (3-time IDA Region U High Score Open Rider, 7th at 2012 IDA National Finals)

(Cantering to a USDF Bronze Medal in 2012)

 (NEDA Fall Festival 2013, PSG Championships)

(NEDA Fall Festival Reserve Champions 2013, PSG Championships)

(And last but not least... my beloved barn cat, Krazy Kat)


Dom said...

LOVE this page. So much bad ass stuff. Great photos, all. :)

Jen said...

Awesome stuff! I will most likely NEVER compete at I, so to see your pics is SO cool:) Good luck moving back up the eventing ranks with Ky!

Niamh said...

Total badassery lady! Love the pictures with Dually, he seems like such a great partner! Can't wait to see what you do with Ky.

Katherine Erickson said...

Thanks guys! Dually was truly an amazing friend and partner. I was so blessed to have him in my life and get to share so many amazing memories with him. And I'm happy I still get to see him every day!

Me said...

Lovely photos. Love your facial expressions - you look so determined!

Amy said...

It is all total badassery! That photo of you, Kiki and Rogo in the rain seriously belongs in Vogue. It is stunning! I hope that is huge and and on some wall in your home. Has the photographer entered it in any competitions? If not she should.

Katherine Erickson said...

Aww thank you, you're too sweet! I do have it blown up nice and big in my room, and it always makes me smile :) I don't know what the photographer has done with it, but it definitely makes me very happy!

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